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ICS 300

Pressure casting machine for stainless steel

For max. 185 g stainless steel.
Vacuum-overpressure-system for perfect casting. East top operate. Crucible and flash will be put into the casting chamber, the crucible can be tilted. The casting process can be watched through the viewing glass on top.

Data sheet
height x width x depth: 1450 x 750 x 1000 mm
weight: 275 kg
mains supply: 3 x 400V / 50 Hz
heating power: 10 kW
heating: low frequency
max. flask size (with flange): ø 90 x 110 mm
crucible volume: 25 cm³
cooling water filtered: min. 5 l / min
temperature of cooling water: 18 °C - 22 °C
compressed air: 6 bar / 90 psi
protective gas: Argon, nitrogen
pressure of protective gas: 5 bar / 75 psi
max. over pressure: 1,5 bar
max. operating temperature: 2000 °C
suitable for permanent casting

Datasheet as PDF